High Power Biostimulation Therapy

A natural way to relieve pain and inflammation

Our FDA cleared class IV Biostimulation system offers a powerful new solution for many painful conditions that have not responded to previous therapies.  Our Deep Tissue Therapy is a non-invasive, safe and highly effective alternative to traditional medical therapies such as steroid injections, prescription drugs or surgery, all of which have dangerous side effects and complications. The Therapy offered by Pain Free Michigan is recommended by the American College of Physicians as a first line treatment for chronic low back pain!

In sharp contrast to class III and classIII b laser therapy, which provide no feeling or sensation and physically cannot penetrate with effectiveness past the dermis, our therapy will provide a relaxing and comfortable sense of warmth with each High Power, Deep Tissue Therapy treatment. The treatment involves delivering focused, columnated light energy which penetrates deep into the body to reach damaged cells and tissues. Many report that it is more relaxing than a massage, plus a therapeutic package provides lasting results. Clients typically see significant results after the second or third treatment and lasting results upon completion of their therapy.

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Dedicated to Pain Relief

We are dedicated to helping naturally eliminate your pain! Both acute and chronic injuries respond well to High Power Therapy treatment. Inflammation and swelling are quickly reduced to allow a greater range of motion in the affected area. This helps regain activity and mobility while reducing scar tissue and adhesions, which can slow recovery and healing.

Certified  Pain Relief Therapists

Our therapists are trained and certified by the manufacturer and AIMLA in the use of class IV lasers for the relief of pain.. We will design a customized therapy program to help eliminate pain and return you to a pain free lifestyle.




Helping You Focus on Life, not Pain

Our High Power Therapy treatments are designed to help our customers focus on what matters most and forget about the pain that has been holding them back. We can help you to achieve a pain free lifestyle, allowing you to return to the activities you love.